The Paradox Of Emotional Dimensionality

The Effect of the Dimensionality of Audio Stimuli on the Brain’s Electrical Activity, a Neuroscience Study

I am passionate about understanding the human perceptions of art by using scientific correlations. For my research, I studied the mathematical structure of sounds that triggers selective emotions.

I was able to prove that certain types of music affect the brain and that the responses may have an evolutionary and biological basis.  My research can provide a new foundation to how music therapy can work in treating symptoms of mood, neurological, and anxiety disorders such as PTSD and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Awards and Recognitions

Papers Accepted in Professional Meetings and Conferences:
NEURON 2016 Conference, Quinnipiac University, February 28, 2016
2015 Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) Conference
Keynote Speaker
2014 Global STEMPreneurs
Student Panelist
2014 MRSF (Metro Richmond Science Fair)
Grand Prize Winner
First Place & Best in Category Winner
2014 ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) – Los Angeles, CA
First Place & Best in Category Winner
Special Award: American Psychological Association
Cultural and Scientific Visit to China

Intel Foundation Award
2013 Broadcom MASTERS